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Our Offices

APG Calgary

Unit E1, 333 Noorduyn Park
Springbank Airport
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T3Z 3S7
Tel: +1-403-471-4433
Fax: +1-403-274-3951
Contact: Jim Genereux

APG Denver

4th Floor,
8310 South Valley Highway
Englewood, Colorado, USA
Tel: +1-720-285-8647
Contact: Stephen Williams

Jakarta, Indonesia

PT Karvak Nusa Geomatika
Ruche ITC Cempaka Mas, M1 Block No.. 20-21
Jl. Letjend Suprapto, Jakarta Pusat 10640,
Tel: +62 21 42889576

Astana, Kazakhstan

Aurora Minerals
D. Kunayeva 12/1 Astana
010000, Republic of Kazakhstan
Tel: +7(7172) 50 06 90

Lima, Peru

MPX Geoservices Peru S.A.C.
Jr. Jose Maria Eguren #148
Magdalena del Mar, Lima Peri

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Independent Systems Verification

For an expert, accurate and impartial view of the APG GT-series gravity systems, APG is pleased to refer you to an independent Quality Control specialist who has analyzed data for a number of oil companies.

Independent Consultation

For an independent consultation, contact AGP directly, and we will direct you to consultants that are renowned in the exploration industry for seismic, gravity and magnetic interpretation.

For all these questions or for general enquires please contact APG at