Fixed Wing Gravity Magnetics & Radiometrics

Fixed Wing Gravity

APG’s Gravity Systems:

Gravity survey provides information regarding the density distribution in the subsurface and can identify anomalous geological features (of varying density) in order to detect structural or lithological contrasts in the subsurface.

Information Provided by Gravity Survey

  • Lithology: Distribution of density in the subsurface enables inference of the rock type.
  • Stratigraphic/Structural: Delineation of steeply dipping formations, geological discontinuities, faults and intrusions
  • Assist in determining the shape of salt masses.
  • Locating structures under thrust plates or volcanic’s
  • Define overall basin configuration
  • Mapping large tectonic features


  • Airborne magnetic data is a mainstay in nearly all exploration, providing essential informative data to assist with complicated geology to structural mapping.
  • Low survey height will increase the high frequency content supplying far more interpretive information.
  • By utilizing our gradient system (up to Tri-axial) you will achieve improved :
    • Spatial positioning of anomalies
    • Resolution of line parallel features
    • Overall resolution – equivalent to flying at tighter line spacing
    • Definition of short-wavelength anomalies


Airborne radiometric surveying measures geochemical differences of potassium, uranium, and thorium in the upper subsurface Radiometric is a methodology of assisting in the mapping of lithology and alteration areas. The APG radiometrics system will allow full gradient and radiometric solutions to a variety of exploration and environmental challenges.