APG Airborne Surveys is a leader in providing airborne geophysics and remote sensing services globally.

Our highly capable technical team comprises a number of geoscience experts, some with major exploration company experience, in the natural resources industries.  We work closely with our clients in all phases of project execution, from survey design and planning, quality control, acquisition, processing and reprocessing and integration of legacy data and data interpretation and prospect mapping. 

With a large fleet of aircraft and technology at our disposal, we offer a diverse array of services for mining, O&G and natural hydrogen exploration, groundwater research, surface mapping for engineering and agriculture as well as R&D support for environmental monitoring. Active since 2009, we work with a host of public and private exploration companies, Government ministries and agencies and universities serving the energy, natural resources and utility markets. We also provide advisory services too, to Governments including business development, promotion and strategy planning to assist them with development of their natural resources.

APG Airborne Surveys is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aries Aviation Services Ltd., based in Canada.

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