APG is committed at the highest level to safety on every survey and every project we are active in. We are continually looking to improving our safety approach and culture through regular reviews, research and implementing changes as needed – our in-house training, safety meetings and documentation are ongoing, updated where needed and always current - safety is will always be our priority.

APG is an active member of the International Airborne Geophysics Safety Association (IAGSA). In addition to being a member of IAGSA, our aviation department has had audits conducted by multiple accredited aviation safety groups,  world class petroleum and mineral companies – all passed successfully.

APG has conducted multiple surveys and collected many thousands of line kilometres in five continents and maintained a superb safety record. All our team are skilled, experienced and most of all, dedicated to delivering safety, quality, timely results for all our clients.

International Airborne Geophysics Safety Association

Safety First