Helicopter Gradiometer & Radiometrics

Helicopter Gradiometer & Radiometrics

  • Composite three-boom mountings, featuring high speed synchronous data sampling and gradient sensor configurations is able to maintain a minimum drape surface height essential for collection of high resolution data.
  • The system has been proven on a number of programs.


  • Airborne magnetic data is a mainstay in nearly all exploration,  providing essential informative data to assist with complicated geology to structural mapping.
  • Low survey height will increase the high frequency content supplying far more interpretive information.
  • By utilizing our gradient system (up to Tri-axial) you will achieve improved :
    • Spatial positioning of anomalies
    • Resolution of line parallel features
    • Overall resolution – equivalent to flying at tighter line spacing
    • Definition of short-wavelength anomalies


Airborne radiometric surveying measures geochemical differences of potassium, uranium and thorium in the upper sub surface Radiometric is a methodology of assisting in the mapping  of lithology and alteration areas. The APG helicopter system will allow full gradient and radiometric solutions to a variety of exploration and environmental challenges.